Perks of Loyalty Perks

loyalty program

What’s better than a happy customer? A happy, loyal customer. One of the easiest ways to turn a one-time happy customer into a repeat customer is with a loyalty program. Now, there’s an app for that! Scooter’s Coffee® has brewed up a new loyalty program that serves up benefits for customers and franchise owners, too.

Good Reasons for a Loyalty Program

Getting a coffee drinker in the door to buy a cup of coffee one time is good. Getting her to come back is better. Nearly 70 percent of consumers say they’ll spend their dollars where they can earn loyalty points. And nearly half spend more after they’ve joined the loyalty program. Restaurant loyalty programs see visits go up 35 percent. The numbers clearly make a case for Scooter’s Coffee investing in its loyalty app.

Smiling Customers and Franchise Owners

Sarah Robinson, author of Fierce Loyalty: Unlocking the DNA of Wildly Successful Communities and an expert on creating loyal customers, says people want to feel special when they go in a store. And she believes that loyal customers should be treated differently. Robinson also says a good loyalty program begins to hand out perks the minute a customer signs up.

That’s exactly what the rewards program at Scooter’s Coffee does. When a customer downloads the rewards app on his or her phone and signs up, he or she receives an email with an offer for a free drink. Then, each time he or she buys a drink or snack, he or she earns a fun smiley face on the app. A dozen smiling faces on the phone turns into a real-life smile when he or she gets a next free drink. And, the Scooter’s Coffee rewards app also sends members various offers, so it’s something special to try out.

Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

Scooter’s Coffee franchise owners will smile, too, as more new customers become regulars. According to Forbes, keeping a customer is seven times less expensive than bringing in a new one. Another perk of satisfied regular customers? They tend to tell their friends about their favorite spot for a Caramelicious, and there’s no better advertising than word of mouth.

The rewards program Scooter’s Coffee customers can download on their phone is just one way that Scooter’s Coffee supports its franchise owners. From the moment you make the decision to go from coffee drinker to coffee shop owner, Scooter’s Coffee is there with the training, marketing and guidance you need to ensure your Scooter’s Coffee business is as amazing as the drinks. Scooter’s Coffee promises “Amazing People, Amazing Drinks… Amazingly Fast!”

If you’re interested in joining a franchise system that is focused on customer loyalty, use the Next Steps Form to learn more about owning a Scooter’s Coffee.