Drive-thru restaurants for sale: 5 signs of a good investment

A scooters coffee kiosk seen at sunset with an American flag flying out front.

Researching drive-thru restaurants for sale? Here’s what to look for to choose a drive-thru opportunity prepped for long-term success.

The importance of the drive-thru

While sit-down eateries will always have their place in the market, the convenience, speed, and affordability of being able to pick up a coffee order or meal without getting out of your vehicle means that drive-thru restaurants for sale will appeal to a broad set of guests as long as wheels are hitting the pavement.

Despite reopening restaurant dining areas that were temporarily closed due to pandemic shutdowns, drive-thrus remain many customers’ preferred form of doing business with their favorite establishments.

If convenience, speed, and affordability are the main draws to a drive-thru restaurant, what else can make the best drive-thru restaurant for sale stand out from the competition?

Reputation means business

Beyond the “big three” mentioned above, another great quality that will help build your drive-thru business is instilling a sense of trust and loyalty in your customers. How do you do that? You can start by franchising with a brand that already has a positive reputation. So, even when you open a new location in an area that has yet to be personally exposed to your brand, they’ll know what to expect from your products and services and be excited to line up on Opening Day.

The potential to grow

Whether or not your business is new to the area, you want to know that you’ve partnered with a brand that is motivated to help you grow. Scooter’s Coffee® employs teams of professionals who study different markets to find target audiences and the perfect spots for new locations that will receive the most traffic – both immediately and in the long run.

A focus on quality

Not everyone associates drive-thru restaurants with quality products and service. Sometimes, we may be willing to make allowances as long as things are quick and affordable. But the best drive-thru restaurant businesses don’t need to sacrifice one for the other. If your dream of owning a drive-thru aligns with starting a coffee business, Scooter’s Coffee is committed to delivering the highest quality beverages and food, ethically sourced, produced, and delivered directly to each business location for you to hand off to your customers with a smile.


Since the first drive-thru, people have been drawn to the drive-thru format, and the last few years have only demonstrated its lasting power. However, for a drive-thru business to rise above the competition, they must be willing to adjust their format, adopt evolving technology (such as mobile apps and preview menu boards), and change menus in a way that benefits both the business and the customers. And they must do so while continuing to provide the best experience possible.

Prioritize awesomeness

Whether you’re the business owner, an employee, or a customer driving through for your morning coffee or a quick bite, a positive experience can make all the difference. Coming up on 25 years of franchising operations in 2023, Scooter’s Coffee has always had the motto: “Amazing People, Amazing Drinks… Amazingly Fast.” As our business format has adapted and grown over the years, we have never let go of our core values. We believe that in addition to offering speed of service, convenience, affordability, and amazing products, delivering a positive human interaction makes us a superior drive-thru business.

Drive into Scooter’s coffee

Scooter’s Coffee is a drive-thru restaurant franchise that breaks the mold, in that our locations are not limited to drivability or highly populated areas. With various franchise models that include drive-thru kiosks and full-service cafes, Scooter’s Coffee gives franchise owners the capability to deliver exactly what their customers are looking for while also building a sustainable business they can be proud of.
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