Coffee Franchise: 9 Traits of Successful Scooter’s Coffee Owners

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Owning a Scooter’s Coffee® franchise is an amazing opportunity for entrepreneurs. This is true whether it’s your first big challenge in business or you’re experienced in running a franchise. We’ve found that food service experience — or even ownership experience in general — isn’t required to succeed with Scooter’s Coffee. You know what we’ve found is a necessity? Experience as a leader.

There are all kinds of leaders. This background could be a franchisee’s current or previous experiences as chief of a crew of building contractors, a captain or coach of a sports team, a project manager, a leadership position in a charitable or church organization, a position on a school board, or a host of other leadership positions.

Wanted: Winners with a Will to Learn

Scooter’s Coffee wants winners and leaders who want to continue to grow and succeed. We have a great system for teaching our franchisees the ropes of starting a Scooter’s Coffee and making it successful. Still, there are a few innate qualities we look for in future franchisees. These qualities include a passion for learning, a strong work ethic, and the instinctive or developed skills that you’d expect of a leader.

Probe your mind, your experiences and your background for that leadership quotient. If it’s there, we’d love to talk with you about Scooter’s Coffee. If you’ve been or are a leader in any capacity, you’ll recognize these characteristics of entrepreneurial leadership that are important to success in running a Scooter’s Coffee franchise or any other enterprise.

Qualities We Look for in a Leader

This is not an exhaustive list, but here are nine characteristics of leadership that are invaluable for a Scooter’s Coffee franchisee:

Passion: There’s no substitute for drive and commitment for a successful franchisee. Cold calculations can help you run the operation. But if you want to make the leap to becoming a Scooter’s Coffee franchisee, you need a passion for business and the challenges of growing a company. This helps a leader get off to a fast start.

Self-confidence: History is awash with stories of leaders who have thrown reason — and even caution —to the wind because of their faith in themselves. You don’t need to be Caesar or Mark Zuckerberg to run a Scooter’s Coffee franchise successfully. Still, you need to have the confidence to not only to launch your enterprise, but also believe you’ll win.

Communication skills: By definition, leaders must communicate. The ability to communicate effectively with us at Scooter’s Coffee, with financiers, with real estate professionals, your employees, and your customers is vital to your success. You must be able to motivate your staff and engender loyalty in your customers.

Decisiveness: Making the decision to pursue a Scooter’s Coffee franchise or master franchise agreement is a serious commitment that isn’t to be taken lightly. It’s a binding contract that explains the details of your business. Successful franchisees make all sorts of crucial decisions along the way. These include selecting specific locations for the operation, securing financing for the purchase and determining questions of timing.

Eye for talent: While franchise ownership — and all entrepreneurism — starts as a solo enterprise, it isn’t long before success and growth take you to the threshold of an important next stage. You need other people to help you make it work. Scooter’s Coffee owners must figure out how to hire the right people at all levels to ensure their success.

Integrity: This is a quality we value highly at Scooter’s Coffee. Integrity is something we demand of ourselves as we work with our franchise partners. It’s also a trait we expect of franchisees. Our franchisees must gracefully handle the challenges of starting a business. They also must work in harmony with financiers, managers, employees and customers. Integrity speaks volumes about someone’s quality as a person, and as a leader.

Perseverance: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your success as a Scooter’s Coffee franchisee. We can get you off to a great start. And the thrill of the challenge will motivate you. But over the months and years as an entrepreneur, there will be times of challenge and even discouragement. Leaders are the people who work through them and emerge even stronger.

Adaptability: No matter how much of the other leadership qualities you have, openness to new information, and the willingness to learn from it and adapt to it, is essential for running a franchise; there’s little room for ego. And actually, the best leaders have a curiosity that compels them into uncharted territory where they can learn, and tweak where necessary.

Future orientation: Successful leaders are all about the future. That’s why Scooter’s Coffee franchisees take the plunge in the first place. The best entrepreneurs have a vision for where they’d like to lead their enterprise over the longer term, and the ability to plan steps along the way that will result in realizing that dream.

While you may not have run the fast-casual restaurant down the street, do you have the qualities of a future leader of a Scooters Coffee franchise? Download our Franchise Brochure to learn more about owning your own Coffee Franchise.

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