Coffee Shop Equipment: What You Need to Start Your Business

Coffee Shop Equipment: What You Need to Start Your Business

It feels like the popularity of coffee keeps growing every year. That makes it no surprise that new people are opening their own coffee shops every day. But there’s a big difference between running a coffee shop and running a successful coffee shop. There’s a lot that goes into amazing coffee and a great business than beans and water. Before you decide to get started, it’s crucial that you at least have a general understanding of the equipment you’ll need if you hope to compete.

Espresso Machines

How are you going to make world-class coffee drinks without an espresso machine? This is one piece of coffee shop machinery that no self-respecting café should be without. Having an espresso machine that can create amazing beverages like mochas, cappuccinos, americanos, lattes and more is essential to the success of your coffee shop. You’re going to want one or two restaurant quality espresso machines that can make multiple drinks at a time so you can serve customers fast. When you partner with Scooter’s Coffee on your franchise, you’ll get guidance for all the best equipment so your coffee shop will have everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Automatic Drip Coffee Makers

You can also expect to get plenty of orders for good old-fashioned drip coffee. Because you’ll be serving so many cups of coffee, you’re going to need a fast and effective way to brew up a high quantity without sacrificing your quality. The first step in that process is working with the best coffee beans. Scooter’s Coffee roasts its own beans and only roasts from the top 10% of specialty beans in the world.

The next step is investing in the right coffee shop equipment. In this case, that means a restaurant-quality drip coffee maker. With a top-notch coffee maker, you can have your drip coffee hot and ready to go at all times!

Coffee Grinders

Even the best beans don’t matter if you can’t get your grind right. That’s why you need a quality grinder to help you get the most out of every coffee bean. You’ll typically need two different kinds of grinders for your coffee shop. One is for espresso beans. This piece of coffee shop equipment gives you a fine grind that helps to open up the delicious oils and rich aromas that come with quality beans.

The second grinder you need is for your drip coffee. This grind tends to be coarser, but it’s still crucial that you properly grind your beans to ensure you get the most flavor out of every cup. Some coffee grinders can pull double duty and work for both espresso and drip coffee. When you set up your franchise, someone will be there to point you in the right direction. After more than 20 years in the business, we know a thing or two about making a world-class cup of coffee, and we can make sure you have the perfect grind, every time.

Blenders for Smoothies and Frozen Drinks

Iced and blended drinks are popular all year round, but they’re must-have treats during the warmer months. For the amount of amazing blended beverages that you’ll be whipping up, you’re going to need a couple blenders that you can put through the ringer. You need high-grade blenders with dependable motors that are designed to stand up to the test of hundreds and thousands of ice-blended beverages and smoothies.

Ice Machines

All those blended drinks require a lot of ice. The ice maker in your fridge isn’t going to cut it, and you can forget about those old-school ice trays! You need an industrial ice machine that reliably crank out all the ice you’ll ever need, every day.

Ice machines like this come in all sorts of sizes, so you’ll want to find one that works best for your business and how many customers you regularly serve. When you’re setting up your franchise, Scooter’s Coffee will help you find just what you need.


Making delicious drinks can require a lot of ingredients. Many of those ingredients, like milk, will need to be refrigerated. You’re going to need a restaurant style refrigerator with plenty of space to hold your existing available inventory. By partnering with the right franchisor, you can get the advice you need to make smart decisions on sourcing the right coffee shop equipment.

These represent just some of the biggest pieces of coffee shop machinery you’ll need to run a successful business. Want to learn more about what it takes to open a coffee shop in your neighborhood? Learn more bout partnering for your own Scooter’s Coffee franchise.

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