What’s Coming for the Coffee Shop Industry in 2019?

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Consumers in America and around the world demonstrated a still-growing thirst for “joe” in all its varieties, and for the overall coffee-drinking experience. From the level of coffee exports exiting countries that produce the bean, to the growth in retail sales of consumer packaged good (CPG) coffees in the United States and elsewhere, to the increasing variety of coffee-drinking experiences in the foodservice industry, 2018 truly marked a continuation of renaissance days for coffee consumption. And there are strong reasons to expect this trend to continue in 2019.

Exports Just Keep Increasing

The business of specialty coffee continues to expand across the country, providing a number of opportunities to get involved. The U.S. coffee market is an estimated $48 billion a year industry, with a growing demand of 150 million daily coffee drinkers.

Consider where it all starts: Coffee production in major growers, led by Brazil, Vietnam, Columbia and Indonesia, continues to boom. Global output was an estimated 163.5 million bags for the “coffee year,” which is considered to be October through September. From that, global shipments of coffee in the 12 months ended October increased by a whopping 4.2 percent over the previous year, according to the International Coffee Organization (ICO).

Mug After Mug

That’s a good thing, because coffee drinkers in 2019 are expected to continue the robust consumption increases of java in its various forms over the last few years. The retail market for coffee grew by 5.9 percent over the past five years, to reach revenue of $46 billion, in 2018, according to market researcher IBISWorld.

The reasons coffee is expected to continue to ascend in 2019 includes the proliferation of drink varieties in America’s coffee shops, including most recently the cold-brew trend. Another trend that will continue to drive the appeal of coffee shops is how many chains and independents come up with their own, specialty drinks, which increase the interest of loyal customers and new ones as well.

Two other trends can be expected to intensify in the coming year: the addition of more food items to coffee-shop menus, which increases the overall appeal of the outlets, and the adoption and spread of more mobile-ordering apps by coffee shops of all types.

And a Side of Synergy

Another development that is expected to continue to accelerate in 2019 is the expansion of coffee brands that began in coffee shops to retail shelves via a CPG line. Initial fears about packaged coffee varieties cannibalizing sales by coffee shops of the same brand never materialized, and in fact, by seeing their favorite neighborhood coffee-shop brand on a grocer’s shelves, consumers’ brand loyalties can be significantly reinforced.

In addition, the drive-thru concept continues to thrive in the intersect of busyness and convenience. Having the option to pick up your favorite local coffee while still ensuring timeliness to work or school is a necessity for consumers. Scooter’s Coffee takes that to the next level by ensuring a world-class experience even in the drive thru with their brand promise – Amazing People, Amazing Drinks…Amazingly Fast!

Tapping Into Opportunity

With all of this, it’s no surprise that the coffee shop industry is booming. If you’ve considered diving into the world of coffee shop ownership, now is the time to act. There are three main ways to enter into the industry — start a new business from scratch, buy an existing coffee shop or invest in a franchise. For many, franchising is often the most viable option.

Franchising offers you the opportunity to maintain the independence of a small-business owner while still benefiting from the support and expertise of a corporate team. When considering franchising, it’s important to research and invest in a growing, reputable brand, such as Scooter’s Coffee. With more than 200 locations open across the U.S. and 200 additional franchisee commitments to build new stores, Scooter’s Coffee is proud to stay on top of consumer demands.

By offering baked-from-scratch treats, only roasting the top 10 percent of specialty beans and offering an easy-to-use mobile app, Scooter’s Coffee ensures their customers will have the best coffeehouse experience possible. They ensure they are always on top of the coffee trends. For instance, Scooter’s Coffee has had cold brew on their menu since the beginning 20 years ago and has featured the famous Carmelicious. These are important factors when looking at franchise options. If you want to learn more about how you can get own a world-class coffeehouse and Scooter’s Coffee’s tremendous growth, download our brochure.

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