Running a Sustainable Coffee Shop: Doing Well by Doing Good

A coffee farmer picking fresh coffee beans.

You hear a lot of people talking about sustainability these days. At times it can feel like everyone is trying to “go green” or be more sustainable. Still, there’s a difference between talking the talk and walking the walk when it comes to running a sustainable coffee shop.

Sustainability is about so much more than recycling or reusable straws. At its core, sustainability is really all about relationships. Relationships are at the core of every successful business. Valuing each relationship and working diligently to strengthen these bonds is a big part of what makes Scooter’s Coffee® so amazing.

That’s why we have ”relationship coffee.” But what is relationship coffee and why is it so important to everyone at Scooter’s Coffee? We’d like to take a moment to explain the concept of relationship coffee and why it matters so much to everything we do.

Taking the Time to Build Amazing Relationships with Amazing Farmers

The secret to our world-class coffee starts with the farmers who grow our beans with love and care. We know that coffee is a competitive business. Sometimes, in the midst of all this competition, farmers become the ones who lose out. In fact, many farmers lose money on each crop of coffee beans they sell. The result is an economic crisis that puts farmers, families, and communities at risk. That’s why we knew we needed to be the change we wanted to see in the coffee industry.

Scooter’s Coffee removes the middleman and buys its beans directly from the farmers. This cuts down on extra costs and ensures that more money finds its way into the hands of the people that deserve it and need it most: the farmers.

What’s more, we always take care to pay above market price for our coffee beans. By paying our farmers fairly, our amazing farmers can reinvest this money back into their own communities, their farms, and their surrounding environments. This is what creates a sustainable relationship that we can be proud of and will carry on for generations.

Start At the Source with World-Class Coffee

When you work with the best people, the best products often follow. That’s the case with the quality coffee beans we get from each of our farmers. We take pride in only using the very best ingredients for our amazing drinks. That starts with sourcing only the top 10 percent of specialty coffee beans. Every bean that goes into a cup of Scooter’s Coffee is hand-picked by farmers with whom we have carefully developed relationships built on trust and respect.

The quality of these beans is a big reason behind the care and attention we put into how our ingredients are treated. We painstakingly roast our beans in-house to ensure that each bean is handled with the care and attention we expect from our amazing products. Our roasting process applies special attention to the time, temperature, and origin of our coffee to maintain the absolute highest quality possible.

Coffee Grown and Crafted with Integrity, Love, Humility, and Courage

Sustainability is much more than a buzzword at Scooter’s Coffee. It’s a lifestyle. Our mission is to create an amazing experience for each life we touch. That goes for our customers, our employees, our franchisees, and our farmers.

Our farmers made a big decision when they chose to move away from the corporate industry model. It took courage to leave the established industry, and we’re honored that they chose to work with us. More than that, we can’t speak highly enough of the integrity with which they grow their crops and treat every tree and bean with the same attention and care.

It’s a demonstration of the love they have for what they do, and what they’re creating. It’s truly an honor to work together with these passionate and humble cultivators, and it is a privilege to share their products with our amazing customers.

See How You Can Support a Truly Sustainable Coffee Shop

Now that you know our story of sustainability, it’s time to see how you can step up. You can become a part of the change that Scooter’s Coffee is making across the coffee industry, thanks to our relationship coffee. See how you can take the next step in starting your own amazing relationship. Learn more about how to start a Scooter’s Coffee franchise and bring a sustainable coffee shop to your area.