6 Ways Small Businesses Impact Their Communities

A Scooter's Coffee drive-thru coffee kiosk with an American flag.

It’s easy for the average person to rave about how wonderful it is to have a quirky local business nearby. But the truth is, small businesses have much more of an impact on their communities than just being a nice idea. They make a difference. Here are six of the ways you can see the small business impact on community in your area.


According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses employ more than half of the working class in the U.S. It’s simple: having more small businesses means more opportunities. As those employees spend their paychecks, it benefits the economy. This fosters the growth of other small businesses.

A small business also keeps local talent from having to commute to a nearby town or city, which improves quality of life. Businesses in the immediate halo of a small business benefit from their new neighbor. This is because employees eat and shop at other stores and patronize nearby service providers.

And this pattern does more than enhance fellowship in the community. The money also circulates within the local region and helps everyone.

Increasing the Tax Base

When people patronize small businesses, money goes back into their local community through taxes. The more successful the business becomes, the more taxes it pays back to the community. Roads, police, schools, fire departments, and more continue to serve the people thanks to an increasing influx of tax dollars.

Competition and Creativity

In striving to offer a point of difference, each small business must stand out. As the number of small businesses presenting their own unique value propositions grows, the local dynamic becomes richer. We all know that competition is good for business, but it’s also great for the community. The market thrives, and customers benefit.

Community Involvement

Involvement in community endeavors is good for more than promoting the business. It is also the right thing to do. A business could be donating to the local school’s athletic booster club, contributing food and drink for a community event, or lending a hand to those less fortunate. Whatever the case, a small business’s community involvement impacts the people around them.

In fact, research shows that fifty-two percent of small business owners donate to charity. What’s more, 46 percent donate up to $1,000.

Environmental Benefits

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the existence of walkable areas or clusters of small businesses near residential areas helps reduce auto traffic and, consequently, pollution. With more people walking and cars on the road, the streets become safer.

Easier to Maintain

Major developments, such as shopping malls or superstores, demand immense resources. Small businesses typically have smaller footprints, use far fewer public resources, and need much less public maintenance in general. They usually do not require new roads or special ordinances.

In other words, there are all sorts of ways to measure small business impact on communities and how they contribute to the local scene. If you are interested in adding a valuable community cornerstone, Scooter’s Coffee® is a wonderful place to start. For more information about owning a Scooter’s Coffee, visit www.ownascooters.com.

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