Scooter’s Franchise Owner Salary vs. Competition

Scooter's Coffee Building

Opening a coffee shop gives its owner many rewards. The owner becomes an important part of the community and feels the satisfaction of serving great coffee and other items. But, ultimately, a coffeehouse or drive-thru coffee kiosk is a business.

For a number of good reasons, many entrepreneurs opt to buy a franchise of a successful coffee concept rather than open as an independent.

And entrepreneurs considering buying a franchise want to know how much money they may stand to make. Purchasing a coffee shop franchise should be more than “buying a job;” it should be an opportunity for entrepreneurial growth.

According to, the average coffee franchise owner will take home $66,000 a year. The average profit for a small coffee cafe is 2.5 percent of gross sales.

Let’s take a look at a few attractive coffee brands and see how they compare to one another.

Dunkin Donuts Franchise

With more than 11,300 restaurants worldwide (more than 8,500 in the United States), Dunkin Donuts franchise certainly is among the best-known brands in coffee franchises. According to Career Bliss, a Dunkin Donuts franchisee tops out at around $124,000 a year, with the lowest-paid franchise owners earning $23,000.

Starbucks Franchise

Despite being one of the biggest names in coffee shop chains, with more than 31,200 stores globally, Starbucks Franchise does not fall into the discussion of “attractive coffee franchises” because Starbucks does not grant franchises — so there is no opportunity for entrepreneurs to get involved.

The Human Bean Franchise

Founded in 1998 in Ashland, Oregon, The Human Bean franchise is a drive-thru coffee concept with 79 locations — 66 are franchised, and 13 are corporate locations — in 10 states.

According to, a unit of The Human Bean yields average profits of “at least $100,000”— with a caveat. “The Human Bean presents total costs and average net profits exclusive of owner income and owner expenses, meaning owner travel expenses and owner use of a company car,” the site states.

Scooter’s Coffee Franchise

Scooter’s Coffee®, which was ranked a top franchise in Entrepreneur’s annual Franchise 500 for 2020, is an amazing opportunity for anyone opening a coffee shop. This ever-growing brand has more than 275 locations across 17 states, including coffeehouses and drive-thru kiosks.

Potential profit from a Scooter’s Coffee franchise is well above the average for the industry.

A Scooter’s Coffee franchise owner salary may rise up to around $320,000 a year, before depreciation, interest, taxes, and any debt service. The median earnings for a top-performing shop are around $184,000. The median across all shops is around $90,000.

Those are exciting numbers for entrepreneurs looking at a Scooter’s Coffee franchise, especially in light of the relatively low investment required to launch a location.

Scooter’s Coffee has been serving up delicious coffee, tasty treats, and genuine smiles since 1998. Visit today to learn more about joining the Scooter’s team and making your dreams a reality.