National Coffee Day – Saturday, September 29th

Scooter's Coffee

Scooter’s Coffee®. Two words that produce an amazing reaction. Sit down and buckle up, because we’re about to add a third word to that phrase. Are you ready? Free Scooter’s Coffee. That’s right, we just said it. No, this is not a dream! This is a reality. Free Scooter’s Coffee is heading your way. On Saturday, September 29, otherwise known as National Coffee Day, participating Scooter’s Coffee locations will help celebrate by offering a FREE cup of brewed coffee to guests.

Coffee is the world’s second most sought-after commodity, trailing only crude oil. However, you can’t drink crude oil, so by default, coffee tops the list. Coffee consumption has been linked to living longer, as well as protecting against Parkinson’s, type 2 diabetes and liver disease.

Whether it’s at the crack of dawn or a post-dinner treat, there’s never a bad time to enjoy a nice cup of joy. Particularly when you can get it for free. That will be the case at Scooter’s Coffee on Saturday, September 29, on National Coffee Day. No strings attached. Simply visit your participating Scooter’s Coffee and ask your barista for a free cup of brewed coffee. If you’re in the mood, send us some love by tagging Scooter’s Coffee on your social media feeds as you show off your free cup.

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