Sip with Certainty

investing in a franchise

Investing in a franchise is a great way for an entrepreneur to maintain his or her independence while still having support from a corporate office. However, it’s important to choose your franchise wisely! With today’s economy, it’s vital to invest in a franchise that will last, such as Scooter’s Coffee®. Scooter’s Coffee has been around since 1998, has a loyal customer base and is continuing to grow year-over-year. With an innovative menu and friendly service, Scooter’s Coffee has proven that it is one of a kind.  

ScooterCoffee is Expanding 

First and foremost, Scooter’s Coffee is on the up-and-up. Even throughout the recession, Scooter’s Coffee was still growing and opening new locations. With more than 168 stores currently operating throughout the country, new franchisees are in good company. In fact, our more than 60 franchisees have committed to building more than 145 new stores!

Scooter’s Coffee is not only seeing success as an entire system; local stores are booming. With fast, friendly service and quality products, it’s no wonder the average Scooter’s Coffee ticket price is climbing as more and more people add on food purchases to their regular drink order. Scooter’s Coffee only roasts the top ten percent of specialty coffee beans in the world, and it also takes care to serve quality food made from real ingredients. 

Scooter’s Coffee Customers Are Loyal 

Generally, coffee drinkers are creatures of habit. Many can’t start their day without their morning coffee – in fact, coffee is the second-most traded commodity in the world! That said, coffee enthusiasts have no shortage of options where they can fulfill their coffee fix. That’s where the Scooter’s Coffee brand stands out. The convenient drive-thru option and enjoyable menu have kept customers coming back time and time again. With fun favorites like the Caramelicious®, a rich, velvety caramel drink, Scooter’s Coffee has something special to offer every palate.  

In addition, the Scooter’s Coffee brand has an excellent reputation. Each franchisee is encouraged to be active in their community and get to know their customers. That special relationship helps create unshakeable customer loyalty. 

Scooter’s Coffee Corporate Team Provides Unparalleled Support 

Investing in a Scooter’s Coffee franchise is a stepping stone to a brighter future. With Scooter’s Coffee, you’ll get the help you need from day one; you aren’t left to struggle through the initial set up phase alone. The Scooter’s Coffee corporate team will help get you on your feet and aid with things like site selection, wholesale product pricing, construction and even marketing campaigns. 

As you sit sipping your latte, thinking about what it would be like to own a Scooter’s Coffee franchise of your own, feel certain that you’re considering a solid brand that stands the test of time and offers the support you need to run a successful business. For more information on how you can join the Scooter’s Coffee family, use the “Next Steps” form above and we’ll be in touch.