How to Start a Drive-Thru Coffee Shop

How to Start A Drive-Thru Coffee Shop

There are few things more exciting for an entrepreneur than opening a coffee shop. Coffee shops are one of the biggest American lifestyle trends today. The only way you could make opening a coffee shop more amazing is by starting a Scooter’s Coffee® drive-thru kiosk.

Starting a successful drive-thru coffee shop lets franchisees tap fully into America’s growing thirst for out-of-home coffee-consumption experiences.

Everything from real estate to overhead costs are much lower when you’re dealing with a drive-thru coffee shop. What makes the drive-thru model particularly attractive is that it still has the potential to expand, because the on-the-go coffee industry is constantly growing.

Trusted Business Model and Extensive Training Make for a Smooth Transition

A drive-thru coffee kiosk is a relatively straightforward business to establish, because Scooter’s Coffee already has a proven business model laid out for you. The Scooter’s Coffee drive-thru kiosk model is the original business model of the company and remains at the core of the brand.

That said, the success of a sound business model still relies on amazing people to follow through on it. That’s why franchisees receive extensive training for both them and their employees. Training is about more than teaching you how to make amazing drinks. It’s also about helping you learn the soft-skills necessary to operate your drive-thru coffee kiosk with excellence and provide customers with an amazing experience every time.

How a Drive-Thru Coffee Kiosk Can Kickstart Your Coffee Franchise

When we say “kiosk,” Scooter’s Coffee really means a building of about 500 square feet that is designed to serve world-class drinks to drivers on the go. Kiosks are typically situated on 2,000 to 5,000 square foot lots large enough for at least four employee parking stalls. This is in addition to the outside space required for the free flow of customers in cars on either side of the building.

Here are some of the guidelines you need to be aware of when starting a drive-thru coffee shop:

Buy or Rent?

Decide whether you want to buy or rent property for your drive-thru store. Like owning a home, buying the property for your kiosk can be advantageous because you won’t have to deal with a difficult landlord or unexpected rent increases.

Scout Locations

Any retailer or restaurateur will tell you that location can be a bigger success factor for their business than just about any other consideration. That is especially true with a site that relies on making it easy for motorists to visit. Make sure that your drive-thru kiosk will be accessible from major commuter roads, because most of your business will come from people on their way to work. Thankfully, when you partner with an established franchise like Scooter’s Coffee, you’re working with a company that will guide you through site selection to find the optimal location to set you and your business up for success.

Know the Law

While you won’t be waiting on tables, you and your employees still will be serving food and drinks through your drive-thru window. That means local laws about food handling and training, special licenses, building codes, zoning procedures, permits and other regulations are all going to apply. Make sure you know them and understand their implications before you get started.

Understand Your Costs

You’d think that it would be obvious, but it’s always important to fully understand your costs before entering into any business venture. This can include everything from equipment to furniture to signage and more. You can find an estimate of build-out costs to give you a better idea of what to expect when it’s time to open your own drive-thru coffee shop.

Decide on Your Key Relationships

A franchise partner like Scooter’s Coffee can give you the best chance of success with your drive-thru coffee shop. A franchise partner brings a proven track record of success and understands what it takes to make a drive-thru coffee kiosk thrive. In exchange for franchise fees and royalties that represent only a small portion of your revenues, you can get a leg up toward success that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Now that you have an idea of what it takes to open a drive-thru coffee shop, it’s time to take the next step! Fill out your franchise form today for more info on how you can get started!

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