Drive-thru Coffee Stands Profitability: Cash in on Quick Customers

Scooter's Coffee Drive-Thru with American Flag

What affects drive-thru coffee stands’ profitability? Learn why this business model works and how you can benefit from customers on the move.


At the height of the pandemic, drive-thru coffee stand profitability really showed off, providing business owners with an extended opportunity to serve their customers safely and conveniently. By creating a fast, efficient, and friendly drive-thru experience, coffee stands gain revenue and retain customers while minimizing overhead.

Businesses with drive-thru capabilities are a smart investment, as it’s estimated that restaurant owners can make up to 60%-70% of their sales from the drive-thru. And by all accounts, the drive-thru model’s viability is here to stay. While drive-thrus were once equated mainly with fast food, the drive-thru coffee stand shows that businesses don’t have to compromise on quality in order to deliver convenience. Specialty coffee roasters like Scooter’s Coffee® are serving up a well-rounded customer experience through drive-through kiosks one vehicle at a time.

As COVID restrictions ebb and flow, it appears our on-the-go lifestyle is here to stay. Customers now have endless options for all their dining and coffee drinking needs, including curbside pickup, delivery, and, of course, drive-thrus, which are the perfect option for drivers on their way to work, school, or any other destination that may call for a tasty beverage boost.

As more businesses embrace the drive-thru model, it’s important to understand what qualities set this option apart from the competition.


Just last year, Starbucks caught wise to the benefits of the drive-thru only cafe model and plans to increase its amount of locations. However, with notoriously long wait times, customers are finding other options to get their caffeine fix faster. Since its founding in 1998, Scooter’s Coffee’s motto has always been: Amazing People, Amazing Drinks, Amazingly Fast. We prioritize quality products, customer service, and the speed with which we deliver the goods. Efficient turnover enhances our coffee stand profitability and serves more customers as they go about their day.


Smaller drive-thru-only spaces require less investment from franchisees and can be just as busy — if not busier — than traditional coffee franchise models. The unique model also offers franchisees the benefit of simple operations. Smaller spaces mean less staffing, less inventory and equipment, and simple operations.

While nothing can replace the experience of an afternoon hangout with friends at your local coffeehouse, that model faces much higher overhead than drive-thru-only models. And as we continue to navigate the rules of social distancing, drive-thrus provide a constant and dependable option for guests and franchisees alike.

The Scooter’s Coffee drive-thru coffee kiosk model requires only 630 square feet of space, enabling franchisees to build locations where other restaurants and coffee shops can’t operate.


With drive-thru options on every corner, it is essential for businesses to effectively promote their offerings and stir up interest and loyalty. Scooter’s Coffee offers guests a convenient mobile app to help them find the nearest location, order and pay in advance, send drinks to friends, and earn loyalty points. Rewarding customers while providing another level of convenience and engagement further enhances the drive-thru model’s capabilities.


Already a top player in the booming and recession-resistant coffee industry, Scooter’s Coffee’s unique drive-thru coffee kiosk model sets us apart from the competition by mixing up the perfect blend of killer products, world-class customer service, and a winning franchise opportunity.

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