Why Drink Franchises are the Easiest Franchises to Own

People enjoying Scooter's coffee

Looking to open a restaurant franchise? With low overhead, small footprints, and huge demand, drink franchises are easy-to-manage, lucrative franchise investments that can stand the test of time.

Advantages of a Drinkable Business

One of the biggest advantages is that drink franchises typically require less equipment and space for both service and stock than traditional restaurants. This means that you can often open your business for a smaller upfront investment and spend less money on ongoing expenses. Additionally, drink franchises typically have lower labor costs, as they often don’t require as many employees as a full-service restaurant.

Another thing that makes beverage franchises easier to own and operate is the fact that the menu offerings are generally much simpler and more streamlined, both for the customers choosing what they would like to buy and the staff in charge of managing stock and the items they serve. For example, consider the menu for a full-service restaurant like the Cheesecake Factory — it’s a virtual encyclopedia of dozens of dishes that can easily overwhelm hungry diners as well as the staff responsible for memorizing recipes and keeping inventory fresh and up to date, not to mention the costs of keeping a kitchen stocked with the numerous ingredients necessary to whip up any one of the dishes on a moment’s notice.

A menu that contains mostly beverages with limited, yet still creative, ingredients is easier for everyone to manage. This makes it easier to train staff and keep inventory levels in check. Furthermore, drink franchises often have established systems in place for everything from sourcing ingredients to managing inventory, which can save you a lot of time and headaches.

What Makes a Beverage Franchise Successful?

The issue with a great idea is that it’s likely someone else has either already had it or is discovering it at the same time as you. In the beverage industry, it’s important to make your business stand out from the competition by innovating on classics and offering different features that draw in customers.

Strong branding, a killer product, and a focus on customer satisfaction will always form the foundation for success with any business endeavor. Some franchises take this philosophy into consideration every day, and their track records prove as much.

Scooter’s Coffee: A Beverage Business That Can’t be Beat

With over 20 years of experience as one of the nation’s most beloved coffee and smoothie franchises, Scooter’s Coffee® sets the industry standard for excellence through our products, customer service, and opportunities for franchise owners and their staff. With a focus on quality and consistency, each of Scooter’s Coffee’s nearly 500 coffee shops and drive-thru kiosks across the U.S. lives by our slogan: “Amazing People, Amazing Drinks, Amazingly Fast.”

Scooter’s Coffee sources only the best ingredients and uses a unique roasting process to ensure that every cup of coffee we make is delicious even beyond our guests’ expectations. By joining our franchise system, you will have access to the brand’s proven systems and processes, as well as ongoing support, training, and marketing campaigns. With both drive-thru and café options, franchisees get to choose the business model that works best for their goals, as well as their location and community.

Whether you are new to franchising, interested in owning a single unit, or spreading the love through a multi-unit investment, Scooter’s Coffee provides a low-cost, easy to operate opportunity that will have customers lining up on your first day of business.

To learn more about franchising opportunities with Scooter’s Coffee in your area, request information.