5 Reasons Drink Franchise Are the Easiest Franchises to Own

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Are you looking to open a restaurant franchise with huge potential? Unlike full-service restaurants, drink franchises are among the easiest franchises to own and operate. With Americans on the go, now more than ever, beverage franchises are increasingly popular. Studies show that three in four Americans drink coffee every day. People love coffee, and that creates an amazing opportunity for driven entrepreneurs. Here are five reasons why drink franchises are the easiest franchises to own.  

Lower Overhead Costs 

Lower overhead costs make beverage franchises more affordable to operate than full-service restaurants. Full-service restaurants typically have large brick-and-mortar locations to make room for their customers to dine in and for their staff to maneuver and cook meals. Drinking franchises can afford to be smaller because their target audience is looking for a casual place to grab a cup of coffee and go. 

A smaller brick-and-mortar typically means more reasonable rent and cheaper utility costs. Some traditional restaurants go belly up within the first five years because their rent and utilities are astronomically higher than the amount of money they bring in. With a smaller location, you’ll save big on overhead costs.  

Smaller Upfront Investments

Startup costs for full-service restaurants can become quite pricey. Owners spend much of their buildout budget getting the right equipment. Unlike full-service restaurants, beverage franchises don’t use fryers, large ovens with hoods, stoves, and other cooking equipment that increase startup costs. As a drink franchisee, you’ll be able to save money with simpler equipment, which can boost your ability to grow your profit margin and capitalize on your investment.  

Reduced Staffing Requirements

Drink franchises, like coffee shops, are easier to manage due to the smaller number of employees required. Full-service restaurants need chefs, bartenders, hosts, servers, and busboys. While investing in great talent is essential in providing high-quality service and driving up top-line sales, beverage franchises have the benefit of having a reduced crew. Coffee shop beverage franchises are much simpler and only require a manager and a few baristas. This allows beverage companies to invest in experienced talent while also increasing profit margins with a smaller staff.   

Simpler Menu

Simple menu items are a lifesaver for restaurant owners. Much of the stress and anxiety that comes with running a food and beverage chain is a complex menu. Full-service restaurants with extensive menus leave room for error, resulting in a demanding customer and an overwhelmed employee. Menus with a few select items that utilize the same ingredients make it harder for an employee to mix up an order, and it leaves little room for a customer to request substitutions and add-ons. Drink franchises are among the easiest to own because you’ll have less stress and fewer complaints from customers and staff. 

Easy Traffic Flow 

Full-service restaurants need help regulating traffic because customers want a place to unwind, relax, and eat dinner with their loved ones without being rushed. Traditional restaurants tend to struggle with regulating traffic because customers sit and chat while eating and long after they pay for their meals. As a result, restaurants lose money because lounging customers are taking the seats of paying customers. Beverage restaurants like coffee and smoothie franchises are more successful because their traffic flow is more efficient. Customers tend to be on the move and want to get in and get out as soon as possible to refuel for a long day ahead. 

Find Success with Scooters Coffee

When you partner with the right brand, running a beverage franchise can be successful because it appeals to just about every market. You’ll have the freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur with the brand recognition and guidance to make you successful. With Scooter’s Coffee®, you’ll have access to our proven business model. You’ll also work with a network of franchisees who’ve successfully sustained almost 600 drive-thru coffee kiosks across the U.S. When you join our drink franchise, you’ll be provided with continuous support and training in every aspect of your business.  Take the first step today and request franchise information. 


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